Liability Insurance Waivers

We strive to give our clients the best insurance coverage possible. With flexible options on each plan, you can choose the best insurance plan for your needs, budget and business.

These sample insurance waivers are a guide that can help to give you more flexibility in choosing your insurance plan. Waivers are often required for outdoor business that may mean participants or clients could be at risk. Whether you operate a fishing charter, a shooting range, a guided hunting business or other outdoor activity, having your customers complete a liability insurance waiver before participating is a fairly standard practice.

While waivers do not prevent a lawsuit or protect you from legal action, they can be beneficial in helping during the litigation process if you are facing a suit following an accident or incident on your property or during the course of your services. Waivers should clearly outline the activities that your client or club member is participating in, present a clear acknowledgement that there are inherent risks, include a hold harmless section that waives liability of the owner, club, lodge or guide and end with a signature section with counter-signature for minors or other dependents.

Liability insurance waivers are an important part of operating your outdoor-type business successfully, and we offer the information on this page only for your consideration. Before deciding on the waiver format and details that are best for your business, we highly recommend that you consult with an attorney to ensure that your waiver meets the legal requirements and standards for your type of business and your own local and state laws.

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Sample waivers

Sample Waiver 1

Sample Waiver 2

Disclosure: This is information and samples only. Precision Outdoor Insurance suggests you contact a professional attorney when implementing a waiver for your business.