Archery & Shooting Range Liability Insurance

Whether you want to work on your aim, try out a new gun or keep your skills sharp during the off-season, a shooting range is a fun way to do it. Shooting ranges allow experienced shooters, hunters and new gun owners test their skills in a safe environment and make sure their aim is sharp. We know how much fun practice shooting, skeet shooting and target shooting is, and we also know there is a great deal of risk involved for owners of these ranges. That’s why Precision Outdoor Insurance provides shooting range insurance for all types of ranges to protect your property and keep you covered from liability.

While shooters and range owners both take every precaution to prevent accidents or injuries, no one can plan for every incident. It only takes a split second for something to go wrong and, without the proper insurance in place, your business can be at risk. When it comes to day-to-day activities, your equipment and your land is at risk every day. Shooting range insurance keeps you and your property out of harm’s way, giving you protection in case of an unforeseen fire or disaster or in case an accident occurs.

We cover rifle, pistol and archery ranges, including your structures, targets, launching equipment and much more with our property and equipment insurance programs, while our commercial general liability protection covers your property from liability from injury or unintended harm. Precision Outdoor Insurance covers ranges all throughout the country, regardless of size or type.

Tell us more about your shooting range and let us put together a shooting range insurance program that fits your business and your budget. Call us today at 844-829-3372 or send us a message today to get started.


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