Rod and Gun Club Insurance

For avid hunters and fishermen, rod and gun clubs are a great place to meet new people, share tips and have a great time. As members of hunting and fishing clubs ourselves, we know how important these groups are and we want to make sure our own organizations and others like it are protected. That is why Precision Outdoor Insurance provides rod and gun club insurance, coverage for sportsmen’s and shooting clubs, and other specialized insurance programs for private hunting and fishing clubs.

These clubs bring fishing, hunting and shooting enthusiasts together to provide a wide array of different activities to their members. Many of these activities also carry a great deal of risk. Even if all members are experienced gun owners and outdoorsmen, accidents can still happen at any time. For both new and inexperienced members and veterans alike, an accident or injury can occur very suddenly, and you want to make sure that you and your club is fully covered to be prepared for any situation.

We are experienced hunters and fishermen ourselves, and we know what risks you face with your operation, which makes us uniquely qualified to offer you a specialized combination of liability insurance, property insurance and more to protect your organization. We know that you need a commercial general liability insurance plan to protect your club and your assets, and offer additional property coverage to protect your club’s property and physical structures from accidents or other physical losses. We can even insure equipment on a floater plan to keep movable items insured and covered, as well. No matter what combination of coverages you need, we have it all in one place with competitive pricing and experienced experts available to assist you whenever you need it.

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Rod and Gun Club Insurance Application