Umbrella Liability Insurance

It is impossible to consider every scenario or every incident that could endanger your business, land or personal property. We strive to make our specialized outdoor insurance programs as secure as possible, offering you comprehensive coverage for all of your assets are safe if an emergency arises. In some situations, though, the equipment, land or items that are part of your business or operation may be especially expensive or difficult to replace, which is why Precision Outdoor Insurance offers umbrella liability insurance and excess insurance to offer you extra protection.

Umbrella or excess insurance coverage provides an extra cushion on top of your regular commercial general liability insurance program, so you never have to worry about coverage limits. If your coverage needs exceed the limits of a standard commercial general liability plan or auto insurance coverage, our excess insurance programs can provide up to $10 million in additional protection for your valuable and essential assets. Umbrella liability insurance can be used for especially expensive items or it can also be used in businesses that carry heavy liabilities, such as shooting ranges or some hunting guides.

When you work with Precision Outdoor Insurance, you work with people who truly understand the needs of outdoors businesses. We’ve worked with insurance for more than half a century, and enjoyed the outdoors for more than six decades, giving us intimate knowledge not only of the great outdoors, but the unique needs of the businesses that take us there. We will work with you to get a full understanding of your operation’s needs and create a complete umbrella liability insurance program of excess insurance coverage that will protect you and all of your assets from the unexpected..

Let us work with you to get the coverage that you need at a price you can afford. To learn more about excess or umbrella liability insurance plans, give us a call today at 844-829-3372.