Horse Riding Insurance

Raising horses is one of the oldest agricultural practices in many parts of the country. Whether you have several horses that you show competitively or race, you provide instruction and training, or you offer horseback riding on your property, Precision Outdoor Insurance provides equestrian insurance programs to cover the health and well-being of your horses and protect you from any liabilities.

The risks around equestrian businesses and operations are not always easy to define. As owners know, horse training and riding can be dangerous, both to experienced equestrians and new riders alike. A simple fall can be extremely dangerous and can happen in an instant. A horse can spook or bolt, leading to a thrown rider or a damaging kick to an inexperienced rider. These personal injuries can be severe, which is why you need to make sure that you have the liability protection you need to stay safe.

Beyond riders, there are the horses themselves and the many expensive assets that you need to maintain as part of horse ownership, including protection for your structures and your property. We can provide you will complete insurance on all of the property and equipment that you need, as well as your horses. We also offer comprehensive liability coverages as well, keeping your business protected. Equestrian insurance with Precision Outdoor Insurance covers boarding, riding instruction, trail riding, horse camps, farms, outfitting and more.

We know that outdoor businesses generally go together. If you are using your property for another business, such as offering hunting or fishing guided trips or shooting ranges, let us know and we can work to create an insurance program that offers you full protection for all of your businesses under one umbrella.

As avid outdoorsmen ourselves, we understand your unique needs and will work closely with you to provide the protection that you and your business needs. Get comprehensive coverage that will keep you covered from liability, damage or loss by calling Precision Outdoor Insurance today at 844-829-3372.


Equi‐Farm Application

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