Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

To keep your club or organization running smoothly, the group needs honest and effective leadership. Directors and officers insurance helps to make sure that the group or club that you are a part of continues to operate effectively, and that any incidents within the group do not put the leaders or the club at financial risk.

At Precision Outdoor Insurance, we provide directors and officers liability insurance for a variety of clubs and organizations, including recreational clubs like hunting and fishing groups, nonprofit outdoors groups and more. If an accident occurs within your group or club, it can quickly dismantle the organization. Directors and officers liability insurance provides protection against these legal risks.

If your club or organization’s leaders make a decision, sometimes they can be placed under scrutiny if there is an incident or accident. An injury that may occur during an outing or competition or any other sort of incident that may happen could leave your organization open to legal action – something that may fall on the decisions made by directors or officers of the organization, even if the accident was unavoidable and they are not at fault. Directors and officers insurance provides protection from these costly incidents and provides liability coverage to ensure that your group will continue to operate, despite any legal concerns or actions that may occur following an unfortunate accident or incident.

To learn more about directors and officers liability insurance and secure an insurance program that meets the needs of your business, club or organization, give Precision Outdoor Insurance a call at 844-829-3372 today.


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