Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Whether for hauling heavy equipment, moving inventory, traveling or recreation, you need the right type of vehicle for the job. If your vehicle breaks down or an accident occurs, it is difficult or even impossible to do your job. Without a safety net, these vehicles can cost thousands of dollars or more to replace. With commercial vehicle insurance from Precision Outdoor Insurance, you can trust that your vehicles are protected from sudden damages and accidents, allowing you to rest easy in knowing that if your vehicle is involved in an accident or is damaged from a natural disaster or other incident, you’re covered.

While most people immediately get vehicle insurance on the cars or trucks they drive on the road, they may not realize that commercial vehicles have different and unique insurance needs. You rely on your farm vehicles, off-road vehicles or commercial automobiles to perform your job and do the work of your business. That’s why we provide vehicle insurance for a wide range of vehicles, including heavy trucks, tractors, ATVs and other farm vehicles.

Do you operate an outdoor business that relies on your vehicles, like an outfitting company or hunting or fishing guide service? With Precision Outdoor Insurance, we can roll your commercial vehicle insurance together with outdoor business liability insurance and other property insurance as well, giving you all the coverage that you need in one place and for one affordable price.

You don’t have to keep dozens of different plans when all you need is one reliable package and reliable service. We will provide you will the specialized commercial vehicle insurance you need to protect the most vital elements of your operation. To discuss your insurance program needs, give us a call today at 844-829-3372.