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Specialty Insurance Programs

Our specialty insurance programs are designed to insure your most valuable property and protect you and your business from unexpected accidents or natural disasters. We focus on what we know and what our clients need most – insurance for outdoor activities and businesses. At Precision Outdoor Insurance, our national specialty insurance programs provide you with the specific protection you need to keep you covered against incidents that can most affect your business or activity, without making you pay for extra coverage that you don’t need or leaving parts of your business exposed to risk.

We offer a full range of specialty insurance programs for a variety of outdoor businesses and activities across many different industries, including tourism, agriculture, sports, leisure and more. We also know that many of our clients in one industry are often involved in others and we can give you complete coverage for all of your property and businesses. Our specialty insurance programs include coverage for valuable assets such as boats, trucks, farm equipment and even horses. We also provide liability insurance for gun clubs, shooting ranges, guides and outfitters, and other organizations in case someone is injured other another incident occurs.

With proper protection in place, you can run your business or organization with peace of mind and not have to worry about risks that could damage your property or your good name. When you work with Precision Outdoor Insurance, you get the insurance product and coverage you need through our specialty insurance programs, allowing you can focus on the most important thing – enjoying the great outdoors.

Take a look at our full range of national specialty insurance programs below and call us today at 844-829-3372 to learn more about insuring your property, business, rod and gun club or any other outdoors activity.

Guide and Outfitters

Guides and Outfitters provide many different experiences and services for their clients. These experiences and services come with some risk. We have programs that are custom fit for your guide and outfitter business

Your clients rely on your expertise to provide them with the best possible experience along with a realistic chance for success.

Let us provide the general liability insurance coverage needed through our expertise in the outdoors along with our insurance ability and competitive premiums.

In addition to general liability, property coverage can be offered to insure your real and business personal property from physical loss by covered perils. Also, equipment can be insured on a floater policy in order to provide coverage for items that are movable in nature and listed on a schedule.

We can provide certificates of insurance for land owners, national forest, BLM and forest services.

Visit the Guide and Outfitters page.

Rod and Gun Clubs

We can insure may types of clubs from rod and gun, sportsman’s, shooting clubs, private hunting and fishing clubs etc.

A club can have many different activities that are available to it’s members . Commercial general liability is the coverage needed to properly insure the club and protect its assets. Let us provide that coverage through our expertise in the outdoors along with our insurance ability and competitive premiums.

In addition to general liability, property coverage can be offered to insure the club’s real and business personal property from physical loss by covered perils. Also, equipment can be insured on a floater policy in order to provide coverage for items that are moveable in nature and are listed on a schedule on file.

  • Club members included as additional insureds
  • Member to member coverage
  • Higher limits are available
  • Landowners listed as additional insureds for a flat premium.
  • Directors and Officers Liability coverage is optional

Visit the Rod and Gun Clubs page.

Shooting Ranges

There are many types of shooting facilities outdoor and indoor. From rifle/pistol ranges to skeet or clay ranges. Even though they are all different and have different exposures. We have the knowledge and expertise to put together a policy that fit’s each.

We can insure your range for general liability, property, equipment and excess.

Visit the Shooting Ranges page.

Property and Equipment

Property coverage for real and business personal property can be provided for all types of clubs as well as for guides and outfitters. The property form needs to be completed for each building to be insured and submitted with the appropriate liability application. Depending on the State in which the building is located, coverage will be offered either on a replacement cost or actual cash value basis. Complete the form as accurately as possible especially where the name of the responding fire department, miles to the fire department, and hydrant distance(if there is one). On buildings over 25 years old updates are important for roof, electrical, plumbing, and heating are vital as to when completed. If there are any questions, please give us a call.

Visit the Property and Equipment page.


There are not many agency’s that are experts in the outdoor type risks and can also provide you with coverage for your farm or ranch. Our A+ rated carriers are experts in farm and ranch insurance. Let us provide you with a quote for your farm.

There are many instances that a farm or ranch also has a outfitter or guide business. We  have a new program that can cover both on the same policy. It is beneficial to the business owner to have one point of contact, one carrier and one policy.

This program is available in all 50 states. Ask your current agent if he can do that!

Visit the Farm/Ranch page.


Along with our farm and ranch program, we can provide coverage for all your horse needs, including boarding, riding instruction, trail rides, or horse camps. We have the ability to add this exposure to your farm/ranch and your guide or outfitter operations. All coverage will be on one policy.

Our carrier is a known company in the equine world and has been insuring Equine exposures for decades. We know the business and would be happy to help with your equine needs.

Visit the Equine page.

Special Events

The last thing usually thought about when planning an event is a Liability policy. Let Precision Outdoor Insurance help you secure the proper coverage for a special event not usual to your operation.

  • Weddings
  • Special Shoots
  • Sporting events
  • Specific Tournaments

Visit the Special Events page.

Charter Boat

If you are a true charter boat in blue water or a touring boat operation. We have a custom program that fit’s your needs.  Our carrier has over 120 years of combined experience and are passionate about helping you find the broadest coverage at the most competitive price.

Policy’s can include: Agreed Value, Pollution Coverage, Personal Property/Fishing Tackle Coverage, towing and Emergency Assistance and Dockside Liability Coverage.

Visit the Charter Boat page.

Commercial Auto

It’s not always easy to find a carrier that will insure your commercial autos along with your liability and equipment on a package policy. From Farm vehicles, to trucks used in your guide and outfitter business. We can insure them all.

Precision insurance has the carriers needed that can put all your coverages under one policy with one agent. We are licensed in all 50 states.

Visit the Commercial Auto page.

Directors and Officers

Directors and Officers liability is sometimes viewed as an unnecessary expense for a non- profit organization, but can your club afford the risk?

Directors & Officers liability is designed for those situations in which Directors and Officers are held responsible for decisions and actions made on behalf of their club or organization.

Visit the Directors & Officers page.

Excess and Umbrella

Umbrella or excess coverage are basically limits above or over your standard commercial general liability or commercial auto limits. This isn’t always needed but can be provided as an option to better protect your assets.

Commercial General Liability must be purchased and limits are generally available up to $10,000,000. Please call us to discuss limits and premium.

Visit the Excess and Umbrella page.


Wineries are popping up all across the country and have an entirely unique set of insurance requirements to cover open tours, casking and pressing machinery, vines, outbuildings and more – not to mention any side businesses like beds and breakfasts or hunting grounds. Let us help you find the perfect commercial general liability or property coverage insurance plan for your business.

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