Keeping Your Horse Operations Protected

With spring not too far away, many horse-related businesses will be opening their doors to the public and their customers for the year. Before things truly take off this year, make sure your equestrian business is covered with the proper insurance.

Having the right insurance for your horse business is critical because there is so much that can go wrong during regular operations. It doesn’t matter if you have an experienced rider or a first-time rider on one of your horses, a fall could happen at any time and can end up causing a serious injury to the rider. Now, this may seem like a rarity, but it is better to be protected from it than not at all.

The horses can factor greatly into these falls as well. Horses are at their core animals, and like any animal, they can become spooked in an instant and throw their rider. They may also react unpredictably or even aggressively, potentially kicking an individual standing too closely or in a visual blind spot. Training rookie horse riders in proper technique is important of course, but accidents can happen and you want to protect not only your customers, but the future of your operations in any situation that may pop up.

Additionally, a business built around horses needs to protect its most important assets – the horses themselves. That’s why it’s important to take care that your animals are protected as part if your insurance program. That means covering the horses themselves as well as any structures that provide housing and protection from the elements. You may also need insurance to protect other storage areas where you may keep gear, medicine, food or other supplies, in addition to other features on your property like a training area that could be damaged in heavy storms. The right insurance program will cover your operations from stem to stern from damage, whether caused by bad weather or horse-inflicted damage to your structures.

If you’re looking for insurance for your horse business, Precision Outdoor Insurance can help. We offer specialized equine and horse-riding insurance programs that cover a full range of horse-related businesses, including boarding facilities, riding instructors, trail riding, horse camps, farms, outfitting and more. For more information, call us at 844-829-3372 today!

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