Is Your Boat Ready for Spring Charter Fishing?

Spring is the most exciting time of the year for those who operate charter fishing boats. The snow and ice finally melt away, revealing open waters, rising temperatures, and the anticipation of all the fishing that will take place in the coming months reaches a fever pitch! Before you set sail this spring and start out with your charter fishing, you should take the proper steps to prepare both your boat and your fishing gear for the upcoming season.


Dewinterizing your charter fishing boat is the first thing you’re going to want to do as you start up your operations again. Hopefully, you winterized the boat when taking it out of the water last year by changing the oil and oil filter, stabilizing the fuel tank, shrink-wrapping the boat and other tasks that helped keep your boat protected in wintry conditions. Now you need to top off the tank, inspect the boat for any frost or ice damage and get your boat back in the water to start stocking up and checking all your systems for the season ahead.

Spring Preparations

Next, you’ll want to go through your vessel and make sure all your important electrical and mechanical systems are ready to go. This includes charging the battery for your boat and cleaning all battery terminals, as well as draining any antifreeze that was used to prevent any water lines from freezing. You’ll also want to turn over the engine and inspect it to make sure there are no faults or sputtering that could be a symptom of engine troubles. The last thing you want is to be out on your first charter of the season and need to cut it short by calling for a tow.

Get Your Gear

Once you know the boat and all systems are in working order, it’s time to prepare your fishing gear for spring charters. This means inspecting and maintaining your own fishing gear as well as rental gear you maintain for guests on your boat. Clean reels and lubricating them, as necessary, replacing old spools with fresh fishing lines, as well. You’ll also want to inspect and wash fishing rod handles, and organizing all of your supplies so that they are easily accessible. By getting all of your gear ready well in advance, you’ll know you have everything that you need and make sure that you can simply head out on the water with all your gear ready for a great day of fishing.

Protect Your Business

The last thing you should do before heading out for your first charter fishing trip of the season is to check your insurance coverage. Charter boats and fishing tour operators have very unique business challenges and requirements, but at Precision Outdoor Insurance, we know your needs and can work to make sure you have the best protection possible. Our policies can cover your vessel, equipment and related business properties, as well as protect you when on the water in case of an accident. Our liability coverage can also help protect your business from legal actions in case of a severe injury or other situation.

Precision Outdoor Insurance offers a range of different policies and can help you pick out the best one to meet your specific needs. Give us a call today at 844-829-3372 to discuss your needs and let our experts help you get ready for a fun-filled fishing season this spring!

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