Educating Shooters at Your Club

Tragedy struck this year when a gun enthusiast  was accidentally shot and killed at Raahauge Shooting Enterprises shooting range outside of Corona, California. As The Press-Enterprise reports, this was a tragic event that never should have happened, but can serve as a sober reminder of how important safety is around firearms, even in the relatively safe environment of a shooting range.

Accidental shooting deaths are rare – this is the first incident of its type in the three-decades the range has operated – but they do happen at locations around the country each year. Accidental shooting deaths have declined steeply over the years, down to a historic low of 489 casualties in 2015, but it is still important to remember that a gun is a gun, so caution is necessary. Practicing safety is key because when we are safe with our firearms and facilities, we can prevent deaths entirely.

So how do you stay safe at the gun range? It’s easy. You simply need to retain your respect of the range, its policies and the other shooters around you. The minimal amount of shooting range deaths shows that most gun enthusiasts know how to handle their firearms, but just keeping that extra bit of caution in the back of your mind can do wonders.

First, always know your surroundings when shooting and know the other shooters around you. If you see someone acting irresponsibly, stay away from them and let the range management know about what you saw. You should keep your distance from any individuals who are seen playing around, shooting into the ground or into wooden posts and report these people to range management immediately.

Keeping safe at the range relies on everyone acting appropriately and safely. You shouldn’t have to go to the shooting range with a feeling of dread; instead, you should be looking forward to the thrill of enjoying your hobby or passion in the company of others who appreciate shooting just as much as you do.

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