Club Protection: Insuring Your Sporting Organization’s Decision-Makers

If you are the director of a sporting organization like a hunting or fishing group or you sit on the board for one, then you know just how much pressure is on your shoulders at all times. It’s your job to make important decisions related to the group, and you know better than most that making just one wrong decision could leave the entire organization at risk. Making one wrong call could also leave your organization open to a potential lawsuit or civil action, but there are insurance plans available that can cover yourself and other members of your board or decision-making body from liability or civil action.

There are many sporting groups that don’t realize that insurance programs exist specifically to cover leadership members within an organization from liability. Directors and officers liability insurance coverage can insulate and protect not only the executive team within your hunting, fishing or rod and gun club, but also the organization itself in case of an incident that occurs on your club’s grounds or during a club-sponsored event.

Many times, a serious civil suit can lead to sportsmen’s groups being forced to disband completely due to the legal costs associated with a settlement or judgement, or even just the cost of securing legal representation. Even if the group wasn’t directly at fault, courts will sometimes find in favor of the plaintiff, levying financial fines or awards that can bankrupt an organization. It could even affect you personally as an executive if the suit names you individually. Having this insurance coverage is more affordable than you might think, and isn’t it worth adding this protection to ensure the future of your organization or club?

Precision Outdoor Insurance understands that the safety and well-being of your group is important to you, but we also realize that there are many risks that come along with running a sporting group, regardless of how large or small it is. You can avoid the entanglement and legal issues that could put your organization at risk by obtaining directors and officers liability insurance. Our representatives can walk you through this coverage to help you understand the level of protection that your group needs and how we may be able to help you with rod and gun club insurance or shooting range coverage to further insure your organization. If an accident ever occurs, we will work directly with you to handle your claim or help you navigate the process of resolving your issue promptly.

Find out more about your insurance options today by giving Precision Outdoor Insurance a call at 844-829-3372.

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